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The control room is the ultimate fast-paced workplace. Deadlines are in minutes and seconds, not days, weeks or months. Directors often must conduct their team to creative solutions on the fly flawlessly.  


While at NBC, Katherine helped shape the overall creative appearance of daily live broadcasts using imaginative video, audio and graphic effects.

Notable Coverage

Katherine has directed live fast-paced news, sports, and cultural affairs broadcasts, as well as high-profile coverage and breaking news, including local coverage of the Mass Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, The Surfside Condominium Collapse, multiple hurricanes, and severe weather emergencies, as well as sporting events including Super Bowls and Olympic Games. She has also directed in Philadelphia and Boston as needed by NBC.



  • Telly Award Winner | 2022 

  • Emmy Nominee, NATAS Suncoast Chapter | 2018

  • Emmy Nominee, NATAS Suncoast Chapter | 2014

  • Emmy Nominee, NATAS Suncoast Chapter | 2023

Hurricane Map

Watch "Ahead of the Storm" NBC-6's First Alert Hurricane Special directed by Katherine.

Skills + Software

Image by Manny Moreno


  • Photography
  • Problem Solving
  • Branding
  • Graphics
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Cross-team Collaboration
  • Broadcast Television
  • Breaking News


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