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Desk Accessories


All FIU School of Communication Graduates must pass a rigorous Language Skills Test both to enter the program as well as to complete it. 

Professor's Assistant

Katherine spent her collage years as a Professor's Assistant in FIU's English Department under Professor Laura McDermott. She worked in Instructional Design and employed her expert writing skills to compose and edit course content as well as proofread course materials. 

Katherine focused her college electives into the field of creative writing where she was able to study under published authors Laura McDermott, Campbell McGrath and Denise Duhamel. She secured two internships with the Palm Beach Poetry Festival where she blossomed in the live event and workshop space, as well as enjoyed deep study workshops under award-winning authors,  Ilya Kaminsky and Mary Ruefle.

Creative Writing


Colorful Books
  • eBook Design and publishing
  • MS Suite
  • Independent work
  • Ownership
  • Expert proofreader
  • Collaboration and Leadership
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